No embed tag, so here is a link. A freebie, for you lurkers wondering if you should join!

Around here, we have some GREAT stuff. FULL scenes, FULL movies, here's a "clip" for you and it's over an HOUR long.

You're going to get LINKS like the one above AND EMBEDDED videos, which means streaming right here on your browser. No downloading crap, NOTHING. NADA.

AND if you want to cover your tracks, go no further than HERE:

A PORTABLE clearner which you can run from a THUMB drive or SD card. Keep it with you, wipe your tracks, it's that easy.


Hey guys.

I'm going through all the entries here, to see which embed tags are working and which are not. I apologize for any screw ups that have happened with embedding. I hope I can get some more good stuff up to share today, a LOT of what I had shared had to be taken down (embed tags not working). Please be patient.

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One of the members... ;-) told me that the embedded clips are not loading. I've tried viewing them in Mozilla and I.E, and they aren't loading for me either, I'm trying to see why.